Introducing flaminglacer on food

Introducing flaminglacer on food thumbnail

Whilst there is no doubt that my life is not how I want it to be since everything changed last year, I am very fortunate in my work. I love what I do - well most of it! At heart I am a wordsmith and I get to share those words. I am a collector of [...]

Hazelnut Mocha Ice Cream or The Adventures Of The Birthday Hat – 2 thumbnail

It's no secret that I love Ice Cream, not the horrible wet stuff that comes out of a tap from an Ice Cream Van but the real deal.  It should be made with all the good things that some fools tell us we shouldn't eat, cream, sugar, fruit, chocolate, eggs and so on.  I still [...]

The Adventures of The Birthday Hat – 1 thumbnail

It was my birthday very recently, a milestone marked by much celebration as is ever the case in the Smith household – we like birthdays. This one was marked by something extra special – and before you ask it wasn’t a birthday marked with a zero at the end and I wasn’t 21 again – [...]

Regal Redux

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When we moved to Evesham almost fifteen years ago one of the joys was being able to walk to the cinema. In those days The Regal was a tired old lady, her former glory just a memory. From being an Art Deco jewel nestled in the heart of the town, she had become tired, her [...]

What I’ve Read – The Lies Of Locke Lamora thumbnail

My daughter recommended this book to me, we are both lovers of good fantasy fiction along with the odd sci fi novel.  She recommended it to me as 'really good world building'. Her recommendations are generally good so I was disposed to be impressed. The Lies of Locke Lamora is the first novel of Scott [...]

What I’ve Read – Sanctus

What I’ve Read – Sanctus thumbnail

Most of my reading is done on the iPad these days but every now and then I do read a real world book.  I happened to mention to one of Father Christmas's helpers that I quite fancied reading a real book over the holiday period.  Never being one to ignore hints, Father Christmas duly supplied [...]