I am many things to many people but first and foremost, I am a wordsmith. I love words, they are such small things conveying such huge things as if by magic. They feed the imagination and stir the soul, but only if we share them. Whilst they remain locked inside our heads they are like caged birds longing for open skies. I’ve had far too many of those birds caged in my head for too long, each one representing a thought I want to share just as it comes,  so come on in, sit down, grab a cuppa and join the conversation. What are we talking about? It could be anything, books, movies, politics, work, recipes, crafts, cricket, lace making, genealogy, weaving, wine, life online and off. Feel free to make suggestions, most of my family and friends will tell you I can - and will -  talk the hind leg off a donkey on practically any topic.

My Commitment
I do not ‘eff and blind’ in public, it is not my way but the events of November 13 in Paris have ripped the heart out of me, and not just those events but all the others that go unreported, unmourned and unnoticed. I have been searching all day for a reason why I should continue to fight to live, a way to express my feelings but I am not that good with words so I am going to borrow those of Iain Banks

Recent Ramblings...

How To Finish
I write for a living. I also build websites and I market them but I do that to house the content I write. People like the way I do that part of the job so they often hire me to do it for them as well, but fundamentally I am a writer. It’s what I do. It’s also the hardest part of my job as every day I have to finish pieces of work and send them out into the world. Every day I look at my job sheet and think ‘How do I finish that?’ Most of us sit down to write with a topic in mind or on the job sheet, but that is the easy part. The big question is what to write about that topic, sitting there like a ripe plum waiting to be picked.
The Most Precious Gift You Can Give
When going through my feed reader the other day I came across an interesting post that piqued my interest on a personal as well as a business level. It was about why the UK Craft Industry is enjoying continued growth. They look at it from the point of view of Direct Selling, using new technology and Social Media amongst other things. It got me thinking about it from the other end, the customer - a point of view I am well qualified to take!
Introducing flaminglacer on food
Whilst there is no doubt that my life is not how I want it to be since everything changed last year, I am very fortunate in my work. I love what I do - well most of it! At heart I am a wordsmith and I get to share those words. I am a collector of knowledge and I get to share that knowledge. I love to create things and I get to create all kinds of things, learning new skills on the way and sharing the journey

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