The Adventures of The Birthday Hat – 1

The Birthday Hat

It was my birthday very recently, a milestone marked by much celebration as is ever the case in the Smith household – we like birthdays. This one was marked by something extra special – and before you ask it wasn’t a birthday marked with a zero at the end and I wasn’t 21 again – I am 56 and proud of it. The something special was the arrival of ‘The Birthday Hat’, a gift from my Lovely Daughter.

I need to digress a little here and explain the Birthday Hat. At Christmas, said Lovely Daughter received a gift from her friends Rob and Tracy, the most wonderful hat made by Tracy (a talented Costume Designer and maker). I was smitten. It had ears, and not just ears but Puppy Ears. It had an integral scarf that, like the hood, was lined with fur fabric so it’s very warm and cosy. Best of all it had little pocket gloves at the end of the scarf that are like puppy paws, with little fur pads… It was and is a thing of beauty, especially to someone like me who has never quite grown up. Not only did Lovely Daughter have one, but her friend had one with kitten ears… need I say more! A conversation at a later date with the two of them ended with me stoutly declaring that if I had one, I would wear it, and I would wear it in public – and I meant it!

On my birthday a parcel arrived and, joy of joys, it contained my very own Puppy Ears Hat! My delight was unconfined, not only was it a freezing cold day so warmth was needed but I was bemoaning the demise of the famous flaminglacer Pink Thinking Slippers – the fluffy pink slippers which, when worn, meant ‘Don’t disturb me, I am thinking and I will bite your head off if you do’. I needed something to signal to the outside world (mainly the Dearly Beloved) that I am not available for conversation unless it begins with the words ‘Do you want a cup of tea?’  So the upshot of that particular aspect was that the much missed Pink Thinking Slippers have now been replaced by the Puppy Ears Birthday Hat – and huge joy in my heart at being in possession of such a splendid thing.

However, being such a splendid thing, the Birthday Hat cannot possibly remain hidden in my office – so, true to my word, I have been wearing the Birthday Hat out and about. It was proudly worn on my birthday trip to the wonderful Regal to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and to the restaurant afterwards. I am not quite sure what my friends thought in the privacy of their own minds but they know me well enough by now to realise that if there is something ever so slightly daft being done – it will be me that is doing it. They have also developed the ability not to be embarrassed by me any more, or at least to pretend they are not!

I still haven’t told you the best thing about the Birthday Hat – it is an incredible piece of clothing because it makes you happy, however down or miserable you may be feeling. You see, when you slip your hands into those Puppy Paw pockets you just have to clap them together, you can’t help it. Tracy has sewn some kind of magic spell in there that makes you laugh and smile. Just wonderful! I suspect my Birthday Hat and I will be having all sorts of adventures, and if you are very lucky – I might just share them with you…

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