I find myself in something of a dilemma today.  I heard an item on the news which I found distasteful to put it mildly.  Before I go any further I have to declare an interest here.  The Dearly Beloved was a Merchant Navy Engineering Officer, this was in the days before the web and mobile phones – we spent weeks out of touch not knowing if they were safe.  Happily he was, but for many that was not the case.

Among those for whom it was not the case were the engineers of the Titanic, they lost their lives the day that ship went down, many staying at their posts to keep the ship afloat for as long as possible. Even though it is well over twenty years since the Merchant Navy was part of our lives I still cannot watch a film about a ship sinking – the Poseidon Adventure and Titanic passed me by unwatched.

The news item that caused me such distress was the sale of artifacts that have been ‘salvaged’ from the wreck of the Titanic. Just listening to it made me feel like a grave robber.  Bearing in mind that in my time I have worked on many an archeological dig it may seem a little hypocritical but I found myself both sad and angry – mostly angry.  Maybe it was the personal possessions neatly displayed for sale, I can’t yet put my finger on the reason. I suspect it was something to do with the attitude of the woman taking about ferreting into a life snuffed out, with no thought for what effects that had caused.

I understand the desire to know what happened, the historian and genealogist in me makes sure of that.  But what seems to pass people by is that many people died on those shipwrecks that they burrow around in.  The lives of those left behind were shattered, they had to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives. They deserve a little more respect than was apparent this morning.

I am utterly opposed to war and conflict in any way, but that doesn’t stop me having the utmost respect for those who gave their lives in defence of their beliefs.  It is largely because of those sacrifices that I have the freedom to express that view.  Sometimes the only thing left to do is stand and be counted.  We wouldn’t dream of digging up a Cemetery or a War Grave but we seem to think it is acceptable to scavenge a sunken ship – what is the difference?

Maybe it’s the relative recency of the loss of the Titanic that made it so distasteful, I don’t know.  I just feel that those personal items should have gone to the families of those who died, if they were brought up at all.  I know we learn much from the things we excavate from the past, I’ve marveled at the artifacts from Sutton Hoo but there seemed to be something very mercenary about the whole Titanic Salvage that made me feel sick.

Note To Self

Note To Self

There is a purpose behind this site, and it needs to be put into words or there’s a strong possibility that I shall lose the way, so a note to self …


The main reason is to have somewhere to say my piece on whatever I want.  The nature of my work means I write in many places but it’s not always appropriate to express my thoughts and opinions there.  Sometimes the need to say my say becomes so great that I end up saying nothing anywhere because there is no where quite right for those thoughts to be aired – this is that place.

My ‘work blog’ flaminglacer’s mutterings has straddled two camps and that is not good, so that will become the home of  work stuff.  This is meant to be a more personal site but knowing myself as I do, it will stray a touch.  I shall undoubtedly use it as a test bed and that’s OK.  Of course there will be things I will talk about and recommend, and they will be affiliate links – I am a marketer, so that’s OK too.  The one thing that is guaranteed is that they will all be things I have read / listened to/ drunk /eaten / used, or whatever, myself.

It’s a place where things should be taken seriously, but not too seriously, life would be no fun if  we took everything too seriously.   Of course when I rule the world, which will be a benign dictatorship, then everyone will hang on my every word.  You can get a quick heads up on some of the rules that will be applied by sticking around.

Posts will be regular but not timetabled, some days there might be two or three, some weeks there might be none.  It will all depend on what I want to say.  You are welcome to join in the conversation, air your opinions, agree or disagree.  All points of view have value, and it is only by sharing them that we move forward.  The only request I make is that language is family friendly,  there are generally words that are far more descriptive and appropriate than the profanity that is so often used as punctuation.

Strong views and opinions are welcome, I hold them myself so it would be at best foolish, and at worst hypocritical not to recognise that others hold them too.  I despise hypocrisy above all things.

That covers most of the broad brush things, others will no doubt occur to me.  Either this post will be edited or I might just write a new one to cover them.

As it Comes

Hi, come on in, sit down, grab a cuppa and join the conversation. What are we talking about?  It could be anything, books, movies, politics, work, recipes, golf, lace making, genealogy, wine, life online and off.  Feel free to make a suggestion, as most of my family and friends will tell you I can talk the hind leg off a donkey on practically any subject.  I am many things to many people but first and foremost, I am a wordsmith.

I love words, they are such small things that convey such huge things as if by magic.  They feed the imagination and stir the soul, but only if we share them. Whilst they remain locked in our heads they are like caged birds longing for open skies.  I’ve had too many of those birds caged in my head for too long, each one represents a thought I want to share – as it comes…

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