Introducing flaminglacer on food
Whilst there is no doubt that my life is not how I want it to be since everything changed last year, I am very fortunate in my work. I love what I do - well most of it! At heart I am a wordsmith and I get to share those words. I am a collector of knowledge and I get to share that knowledge. I love to create things and I get to create all kinds of things, learning new skills on the way and sharing the journey
The Adventures of The Birthday Hat – 1
It was my birthday very recently, a milestone marked by much celebration as is ever the case in the Smith[...]
Regal Redux
When we moved to Evesham almost fifteen years ago one of the joys was being able to walk to the[...]
What I’ve Read – The Lies Of Locke Lamora
My daughter recommended this book to me, we are both lovers of good fantasy fiction along with the odd sci[...]
What I’ve Read – Sanctus
Most of my reading is done on the iPad these days but every now and then I do read a[...]
Who’s Ed Alleyne-Johnson
If you look down and right a little, you'll see a box titled 'What I'm Listening To' and in it[...]
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