Hazelnut Mocha Ice Cream or The Adventures Of The Birthday Hat – 2

It’s no secret that I love Ice Cream, not the horrible wet stuff that comes out of a tap from an Ice Cream Van but the real deal.  It should be made with all the good things that some fools tell us we shouldn’t eat, cream, sugar, fruit, chocolate, eggs and so on.  I still can’t get my head round why people say we shouldn’t eat them – why else were they put here?  The trick is moderation… except when they have been converted into Ice Cream.  However, I digress…

 Ice Cream Makers are a ridiculous price so when I came across one that was on Special Offer for an amount that closely resembled the Amazon voucher I had just acquired, it was a no brainer, albeit the postage was little on the pricey side.  However,  a £50 price reduction is not to be sneezed at so Ice Cream Maker was duly ordered.  There were a few delivery hiccups but to be fair, the company sorted it out and made it right so all was forgiven and the production of Ice cream began.

I started with a few recipes from the book that came with it but soon branched out, particularly when a close friend announced he was having a party.  Having catered parties for him before it would have been less than kind not to offer to do something, so I offered to make an assortment of Ice Creams which meant I had to experiment with some new flavours – what hardship….  We had to have Strawberry but made with Clotted Cream for a bit of something extra, that was followed by Rhubarb and Custard – a triumph even if I say so myself.  Then I decided to experiment with something chocolate related.

Among the many well known facts of the Universe is the one that I love chocolate, but funnily enough I don’t particularly like chocolate desserts, they are just too sweet so I had to devise something that would take the sweetness out but still be delicious.  The Birthday Hat was put on to aid concentration.  Much thinking was done whilst sampling Mango, Raspberry and Vanilla Ice Cream with a touch of Lemon Sorbet just to ring the changes.  An idea was born, experimenting began and eventually Hazelnut Mocha Ice Cream was born.  I decided it was far too good to keep to myself so recipe is below, particularly as it is a real ‘cheats’ recipe and very easy to do!

My next experiment is to be Peanut with Honeycomb – it will work or it won’t but watch this space for the results…

Hazelnut Mocha Ice Cream

  • 100 gms Nutella
  • 1 very strong Espresso – hot (about 40 mls)
  • 200 gms  Custard
  • 150 mls Double Cream
  • 5 tsps (heaped) Hotel Chocolat Liquid Chocolate Flakes

Put the Nutella into a freezer safe jug or bowl and mix in the hot coffee stirring til it is all well combined.  Add the custard and mix well.  Check the mix is not too hot and add the cream. Mix until the ingredients are all well combined then put into the freezer for abut 30 mins til it is nicely chilled.

Pour the mix into your Ice Cream Maker and add the Liquid Chocolate flakes, churning until the mix is at the desired consistency.  Transfer to a suitable container and return what you haven’t already eaten to the freezer for later consumption.

PS – Yes it is an affiliate link to the Ice Cream Maker, if you don’t like that – tough!


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