My Commitment

I do not ‘eff and blind’ in public, it is not my way but the events of November 13 in Paris have ripped the heart out of me, and not just those events but all the others that go unreported, unmourned and unnoticed.  I have been searching all day for a reason why I should continue to fight to live, a way to express my feelings but I am not that good with words so I am going to borrow those of Iain Banks

“Fuck every cause that ends in murder and children crying”

I don’t know what the answer is, I am bereft of words to describe how I feel but I do know one thing.  We, the normal, everyday folks who go about our business paying well meant, heartfelt lip service to our principles must do more.  We must be seen. We must be heard.

This is my commitment:-

I stand for inclusion, for compassion, for fairness, for the right of every human being to live their lives in freedom and the absence of fear.  I will no longer be passive,  I will use every fibre of my being to help achieve these things.

I stand against hatred, bigotry and hypocrisy in all their forms.  I will no longer be silent in the face of them.  I will challenge them whenever and wherever I find them.

If your cause ends in murder or children crying, I stand in your way.

If your cause ends in freedom and absence of fear for all,  I stand with you.

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