Note To Self

Note To Self

There is a purpose behind this site, and it needs to be put into words or there’s a strong possibility that I shall lose the way, so a note to self …


The main reason is to have somewhere to say my piece on whatever I want.  The nature of my work means I write in many places but it’s not always appropriate to express my thoughts and opinions there.  Sometimes the need to say my say becomes so great that I end up saying nothing anywhere because there is no where quite right for those thoughts to be aired – this is that place.

My ‘work blog’ flaminglacer’s mutterings has straddled two camps and that is not good, so that will become the home of  work stuff.  This is meant to be a more personal site but knowing myself as I do, it will stray a touch.  I shall undoubtedly use it as a test bed and that’s OK.  Of course there will be things I will talk about and recommend, and they will be affiliate links – I am a marketer, so that’s OK too.  The one thing that is guaranteed is that they will all be things I have read / listened to/ drunk /eaten / used, or whatever, myself.

It’s a place where things should be taken seriously, but not too seriously, life would be no fun if  we took everything too seriously.   Of course when I rule the world, which will be a benign dictatorship, then everyone will hang on my every word.  You can get a quick heads up on some of the rules that will be applied by sticking around.

Posts will be regular but not timetabled, some days there might be two or three, some weeks there might be none.  It will all depend on what I want to say.  You are welcome to join in the conversation, air your opinions, agree or disagree.  All points of view have value, and it is only by sharing them that we move forward.  The only request I make is that language is family friendly,  there are generally words that are far more descriptive and appropriate than the profanity that is so often used as punctuation.

Strong views and opinions are welcome, I hold them myself so it would be at best foolish, and at worst hypocritical not to recognise that others hold them too.  I despise hypocrisy above all things.

That covers most of the broad brush things, others will no doubt occur to me.  Either this post will be edited or I might just write a new one to cover them.

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