When I Rule The World 4

When I rule the world which will be a benign Dictatorship people who have Cats will be made to be responsible for them and not allow them to crap in everyone else’s gardens.  It is rightly unacceptable for dogs to be allowed to roam and deposit unpleasant piles everywhere so why should it be acceptable for cats to do the same.  I am sick to death of clearing stinking piles of cat faeces from my vegetable garden, deposited there by animals whose owners obviously do not care enough about them to know where they are or what they are doing.  For all they seem to care the animal could be under the wheels of a passing bus.

The sanction for allowing your cat to behave in such an antisocial manner will be to have your home impregnated with the stench and the bacteria associated with the unwanted deposits, denial of all medical treatment for the diseases you will hopefully catch from it and a lifetime ban on pets.

PS Anyone thinking I do not like cats – wrong, we had one for nineteen years whom I loved dearly, and who knew better than to mess in other people’s gardens!

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