Who’s Ed Alleyne-Johnson

If you look down and right a little, you’ll see a box titled ‘What I’m Listening To’ and in it is the image of Ed Alleyne-Johnson’s latest CD, or at least it was when I bought it earlier this year.  More than a few people have looked blank when I mention his name and his music so to enlighten you – a taster.

Ed is a street musician with a difference.  I love his music.  I first came across him years ago, probably before his time touring with New Model Army,  but he and his music had slipped out of my mind over the years.  I was lucky enough to hear him again when we were in Chester earlier this year and it brought the memories flooding back.  He plays a mixture of covers and his own compositions on the purple electric violin and I love it.  You’ll find him on the streets of Chester, York or some other town…

There are loads of videos on You Tube – varying quality – but you’ll get a taste of his music – enjoy

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